Thoughts on Friendships

Thoughts on Friendships

Friendships, the support structure within our social groups that helps us develop the templates of who we are and shall become. Even our enemies play a part in our personal growth, all interactions we experience help us develop our personality and help structure our social skills.

Throughout your life you will have many people in your collection of friends, some that are temporary and only there for the length either you or they need to achieve a goal or possibly learn what lesson they need to learn. Then there are those that stay with you throughout your life, no matter if you outgrew each other or moved far away there is a unbreakable bond.

I have experienced several levels of friendships in my life and they go as follows


Those whom you acknowledge and socialize with if you share a common social event and those you enjoy a event and don’t socialize beyond that event. Sometimes a person you encounter to learn from or teach a lesson to and then part ways.

Everyday Friends

School mates, co-workers and neighbors that you frequently have or participate in social events or converse with daily at work / school

Good friends

Friends that keep n touch with you outside of work and school, visit your home or invite you over. Those that you go out on the town with and share some if not most of your values and have similar or compatible personalities. They are the bricks of your social structure and contribute a fair about to your development.

Best friends

The few friends out of your good friends that seem to resonate and harmonize with your personality and current mindset. Some times they become lifelong friends, sometimes you outgrow one another but still remain friends for most of your life. They tend to be the friends that you can lean on, that support you but also lets you know when you are in the wrong or heading in what they feel is the wrong direction and do so with very little if no type of a judgemental mentality.

Lifelong friends

A select few that always stay in your life as friends, close to being a family member and sometimes they become your soulmate / lover or mate in the end. They never leave your side and always have your back regardless of the circumstances. These are the friends that you would do anything for as well.

Toxic Friends

A toxic friend rarely makes you feel good about yourself, rarely celebrates with you. They love to spread their negativity and uses you/ takes your for granted. They tend to always think they know better than anyone else and talks about you behind your back. They make a point to keep score and bring up your past mistakes. Instead of contributing to your advancement they revel in your failure and demise. These are the kind of friends you should avoid or at least set limits for.

Now to be fair, all friends fall short of perfect and may do one or more of the above mentioned at one point or another in life due to circumstances or just having a bad day. It is those that repeat the above behavior on a daily basis and seem to enjoy being that way that are truly toxic.

And toxic friends sometimes can also play a part in the development of self , teaching you what not to do and how not to treat others. But they are the type of friends you should have as little interaction with as possible.

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