These are trying times

These are trying times

These are trying times, a time that is testing our hearts and minds. Forced into a type of seclusion and into close quarters with family. A challenge for most people to say the least. Some feel like they have lost their freedom, right to worship and ability to be independent.

I can understand why people feel like closing church services at this time and not some other business etc. may be unfair and by doing so feels like the government is denying the right to assemble and or worship. With the internet, television and even telephones we can continue to have fellowship and some religious leaders have offered drive in services to replace in church services during this pandemic. I believe the stay at home order is issued with the best intentions, even though it may cause some turmoil , unrest and negative feelings at this time it is for the well being of all citizens.

Sure i have plenty to complain about the situation we are in and how it has been handled so far but i know it is for the best in the long run when it comes to our health and safety. One of the biggest problems i have with how this all is being handled is how those whom still have to work and put their lives at risk are receiving far less than those on unemployment now due to the last bill passed by congress. I feel it makes those who are essential workers feel less appreciated and overlooked in this crisis.

I also feel its really sad when farms are destroying food at a time when there is so many folks in the world we live in starving. Food banks running out of food and so are soup kitchens and other services out there trying to help the less fortunate. I truly hope as a nation, as a world community we can learn from this tragedy and be more prepared along with less disorganized for future world and national emergencies.

We as citizens of this world are only responsible for our actions and reactions to this pandemic, we have little to no control over how governments deal with such. Though we can hold them accountable when its all over and done, it is more important to focus on what we as individuals can do along with what as a community we could achieve during this time.

First off we need to be responsible, keep social distancing rules and try not to put ourselves in situations of unneeded risk. This also serves to protect other people including our loved ones. I believe this is a time that could be a turning point in our world, a time to refocus on the more important things in life and a time to let go of the things that separate us from our family and loved ones. Time to find balance between work and family, a time to put others before ourselves. Only time will tell what we learn from this time of hardships. Will we rise to the occasion, or will we continue to wander in the darkness and remain the same.

Peace and health to you all

Raymond Barbier

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