The Beginning

The Beginning

This is but the beginning of yet another blog / online journal of an average midlife man in the so-called modern world. This will be one of hopefully many posts I will write as I live my average mundane and happy life in the hills of southeastern Kentucky. I have lived in a few places in my lifetime from the midwest, southeast and northeastern united states. St Louis Missouri for 14 years, Atlanta Georgia over 20+ years and the small coal community of Harlan Kentucky since 2007 and a short stay in New york.

Son of a Father who was a career Army Sgt and a hard-working mother that were both of midwestern roots. I am french, Prussian, german English and native American mix (more french and Prussian than the rest). I have had a semi-normal but occasionally interesting life so far and can not complain too much about what I have been given in life.

Well, that is the short intro post for the blog and hopefully, the following posts will be a bit more entertaining or informative than this one, but one must start somewhere.

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