Random thoughts 4-27-2020

Random thoughts 4-27-2020

During this pandemic we all have witnessed some really poor judgment by some people and some heroic acts by others. We have also seen some of the worst advice and fake cures on the social media platforms ever. The worst I think was the Drinking bleach/Lysol or Injecting Such. People need to get a grip on reality and stop forwarding anything that would or could be harmful to others. I am all fine with conspiracy theories and natural remedies that are not harmful being out there. If they wont cure the Covid-19 but are yet safe I see no harm in those things being posted.

Unfortunately people when they become scared tend to get desperate and try or do things that are not logical, things they normally would never consider to do out of fear. Then we have those whom go out and buy out all the toilet paper etc , hoarders whom leave the rest of their community without. The take of my own and the heck with everyone else mentality is counter productive. If your family is the only one to survive, how long will that last without others? you will need doctors, grocery store workers truck drivers, farmers etc. So leave some of the supplies for others, sure stock up but do it responsibly so supplies can get restocked.

To be honest I never thought I would see the day Toilet Paper, bleach and dried beans would be hard to get. Regular Groceries I suspected would be a bit harder to obtain but never toiletries. Panic buying will only contribute to the spread of the disease in the end because it leaves others without disinfectant to keep themselves safe therefore adding a higher risk for them to get the virus and spread it to others as well.

Well Enough of complaining about how people panic shop and let fear control their actions. Time to move on to what we could do as a society during this crisis and how this pandemic could change the world for the better or the worse depending on where we go from here.

The Pandemic had a positive side to it when it comes to the emissions of co2 / greenhouse gases. People driving and commercial transportation has been at a all time low. I personally have noticed an increase in wildlife throughout the region I live in. I still have not seen much of a change in the polarization of the federal government, though it has lessened a tad. This is a time in which humanity in a whole can take pause and rethink how we live our lives and how we effect the world we live in. Humanity can change course towards a more sustainable and less destructive way of life or continue onward in the same fashion we have been for decades.

Regardless of what we chose, there will be many changes that will be done in order to preserve our species. The way we shop, socialize and work may be changed a lot by this pandemic. Time will only tell , but I suspect more from work opportunities will arise across the myriad of business out there and more pick up at curbside style or delivery style shopping at grocery stores and retail markets. There is also a possibility for universal healthcare and dare I say it universal basic income.

There is no question that there is a big income inequality not only in the United States but all across the world. How to remedy such a divide in income is tricky, how to do it without taking from one and giving it to the other or causing great debt for the nations implementing such measures as universal basic income will be a chore for sure.

Another hurtle for Universal Basic Income is those that fear socialism and label anything that may help the less fortunate via government as socialism or communism. Some things are basic rights or should be such as having food to feed your family, a home to live in and healthcare. Should they all be free? I think they should be affordable to near free in a society where there is a great divide in income levels. Fixing the divide in income, curing the problem of poverty is a key to a successful and thriving economy and community / Society.

I am neither an economist nor a policy maker so all the details of how this should be dealt with is not something I am truly qualified to propose, I am just voicing my opinion that it seriously needs to be addressed by the federal and state governments of the United states and the governments of the other countries as well. And how this would be a good time to do such since the world has basically went on pause and has time to reflect on the future.

If we can come together during this pandemic to try and fight the covid-19 virus, then we can also come together to work out solutions to the other problems facing humanity in whole. We could take on many of the problems we are facing as a planet such as global warming, sustainable energy and fossil fuel replacements that have less of a impact on our worlds ecology. So many problems we could address as a whole instead of just individual countries, together I feel we could come up with more solutions than alone.

What does the future hold for us all? That depends on how we deal with the current crisis and the problems we long have ignored.

Well enough ranting, raving and random thoughts for today, keep safe, keep healthy and keep a positive mindset.

Raymond Barbier

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