Moments of Joy and Priorities

Moments of Joy and Priorities

What happens when you get so focused on your own life, be it work, troubles or just in general ? You tend to miss out on all the things going on around you. Things such as the laughter of ya children and family or friends, the affection of your loved ones and more. I get such joy to see my niece laughing and giggling when her and her mom and grandma are cutting up or her and her aunt. Many times I have been around them and tuned it out and lost out on the moment and the feeling of happiness it can bring.

I was too focused on the background noise of life, the things that are important but not really high priority and I lost out on the important things such as family comradery and bonding. The laughter, the love and the social bonding was put aside for things that can wait and that was a sad thing. You can not go back and do it right after ya already messed up, but ya can start focusing on what is important. Things Such as family, loved ones and your friends. The rest of life will still be there and you will take care of it, just in the right order and maybe with less stress and with more joy in your life.

Live in the now, learn from the past and no harm in planning a bit for tomorrow. Love those in your life, there is no guarantee on how long they or you will be in this life. Do not waste a single moment of joy you can find, regardless of how miniscule or grandiose those moments are.

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